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Easy Walk

The lowest diificulty walk. Up to 15 km walking along  tracks or paths. Mostly flat and hills if present of modest grades. Minimum of 2 litres of water. These are suitable for beginners providing they have basic fitness. They are qualifying walks and count towards a membership application. Visitors are welcome - call walk leader first. A $5 fee is charged for visitors.

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Walk Grading


Distance >10 km >15 km 15-18 km 18-20+ km
Gradient Flat Gentle hills Short steep hills Steep hills
Track Quality Well formed Formed track

Formed and some

off track

Experience Some walking Some bushwalking Some bushwalking



Walking Time 2-3 hours >4 hours >5 hours >6 hours
Type of Walk Half day Half to full day Full day

Full day or




THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY Walkers are responsible for their own ability to complete a walk.

FOR LEADERS If in doubt you should over rate to avoid attracting walkers who are not capable of completing the event. A GPS or Smart phone can help determine the cumulative elevation of the walk. There are excellent free apps available which allow you to record a prewalk or to download walks from other web sites like