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Special Event

A specially scheduled event not fitting another category.

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Walpole Camp
Until Mon, 21. September 2020
Special Event Coalmine Beach Holiday Park Walpole Camp Coalmine Beach Holiday Park
Nettleton State Forest
On Sun, 27. September 2020 09.00
Medium Walk Armadale Nettleton State Forest Armadale
Lacey Rd to Yanchep
On Sun, 11. October 2020 08.30
Medium Walk Whitfords Station Car Park Lacey Rd to Yanchep Whitfords Station Car Park

Walk Grading


Distance >10 km >15 km 15-18 km 18-20+ km
Gradient Flat Gentle hills Short steep hills Steep hills
Track Quality Well formed Formed track

Formed and some

off track

Experience Some walking Some bushwalking Some bushwalking



Walking Time 2-3 hours >4 hours >5 hours >6 hours
Type of Walk Half day Half to full day Full day

Full day or




THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY Walkers are responsible for their own ability to complete a walk.

FOR LEADERS If in doubt you should over rate to avoid attracting walkers who are not capable of completing the event. A GPS or Smart phone can help determine the cumulative elevation of the walk. There are excellent free apps available which allow you to record a prewalk or to download walks from other web sites like