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Walking is a year round activity. Bushwalkers of Western Australia Inc (BOWA) based in Perth has a complete annual programme. In Winter (May to October) longer walks of up to 20km in length are undertaken. These require a full day and most of the information about walking presented here applies to these walks. From time to time the Winter programme will include, for variety, a shorter half day walk.  In Summer members maintain fitness by shorter walks around the Perth environs which are completed before midday. On almost every Sunday of the year it is possible to sample the experience of walking with our club. How do I get started?

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Christmas Function

The annual BOWA Christmas event will be at Perry Lakes this year. Let's celebrate by wearing our festive gear. The Club’s intention is to minimise the risk of any attendee contracting Covid-19 at the event by complying with Covid-19 recommendations, including by avoiding the sharing of food and …
16:00 h
Special Event
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