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Walking is a year round activity. Bushwalkers of Western Australia Inc (BOWA) based in Perth has a complete annual programme. In Winter (May to October) longer walks of up to 20km in length are undertaken. These require a full day and most of the information about walking presented here applies to these walks. From time to time the Winter programme will include, for variety, a shorter half day walk.  In Summer members maintain fitness by shorter walks around the Perth environs which are completed before midday. On almost every Sunday of the year it is possible to sample the experience of walking with our club. How do I get started?

Summer walks are half day walks in and around Perth. These are held on Sundays during the warmer months. They provide a pleasant way to stay fit. Locations such as Fremantle, Cottesloe beach, The Swan River and Herdsman and Joondalup Lakes are popular. Many of these walks are designed to go past a cafe where walkers may pause for a while to enjoy a refreshment. Equipment required for these walks is very basic - shoes, hat, sunscreen and water. Meeting points are as decided by the walk leader and are on the programme. Visitors are welcome - just telephone the walk leader a few days prior.


Pleasant 9km half-day walk along South Beach and inland to historic Manning Park. Optional coffee afterwards. Note 8:30 start.
08:30 h
Easy Walk

Restaurant Night

Somerville Chinese Restaurant Run by Gerard and his caring family with the love of good cuisine.  147 Somerville Blvd Winthrop Park underneath shops.
19:00 h
Restaurant Night

Kalamunda Zig Zag

Hilly, 16 km walk, mostly on track, in the hills around Kalamunda.  Great views.
09:00 h
Medium/Hard Walk

Christmas Tree Creek

A 10km hilly walk in John Forrest National Park.  All on track, including a section of the Eagle View Walk Trail.
09:00 h
Medium Walk
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